[flashrom] Elitegroup A780GM-M3

G. Balut gabalut at gmail.com
Sun Jan 10 08:58:59 CET 2010

I've never flashed a BIOS before and my board wasn't listed as working
but I saw the chipset when I did a flashrom -L so backed up, verified
the backup, erased it and then did the upgrade. That worked and

I did hit one 'issue' that's probably a non-issue because I seriously
had no idea what I was doing. You asked for an email with "the flashrom
output with the additional -V option for all operations you tested (-V,
-rV, -wV, -EV". I could not add the verify option on the command line;
it only accepted one command at a time. I did have to boot with the
nopat option added to my kernel (mandriva 2010.0

Anyway, I've attached the output from the bios write and the verify
I did afterwards. I didn't save the erase command I did before I
did the -w option - which included an erase - so I'm not quite
getting exactly how you're supposed to do this stuff but I've since
rebooted and seen that what had been my unrecognized CPU is showing up
just fine (that's what I flashed it for), everything seems stable and
no hangups like I had before. Does that make sense? :)

The motherboard was the ECS A780GM-M3, CPU is AMD Sempron 140. 

And may I suggest - since I have no idea what I'm doing WRT flashing
bios, could someone add examples to the man page or add to the one
command line listed up on wikipedia of how to do it so us idiots would
know what to do to flash a bios. :) I looked around but all I found was
the 'how to do it with a dos boot disk and the exe utility' which I
couldn't use so I gambled on what I was doing with this which is
really kinda spooky. 

Anyway, a huge thank you from this bios idjit!
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