[flashrom] Sun Fire x4... tests

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Fri Jan 8 04:56:14 CET 2010

Hi Jody,

I remember you testing flashrom on a few Sun servers:
Sun Fire x4150  
Sun Fire x4200 
Sun Fire x4540 
Sun Fire x4600 

Since then, flashrom has evolved a lot, both in chipset support and
board support. Would you mind retesting current flashrom from svn and
reporting the status? flashrom development has moved to
flashrom at flashrom.org and that address is in CC of this mail, so you can
just hit reply-all.

Output from "flashrom -V", "lspci -nnvvvxxx" and "superiotool -deV" for
each of these machines (and of course for any other machines you happen
to test) would be very appreciated. That helps us build our
working/non-working board database. dmidecode output would be
appreciated as well (system+baseboard manufacturer+product+version), but
that is not essential if the boards can be identified by looking at PCI
subsystem IDs.

If one of the boards does not work, we ask you to send us a link to a
BIOS image (please do not post images to the mailing list) so we can
investigate the exact reasons and provide fixes if technically possible.

Thanks in advance.


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