[flashrom] DMI matching patch

Luc Verhaegen libv at skynet.be
Thu Jan 7 16:00:03 CET 2010

On Thu, Jan 07, 2010 at 03:47:59PM +0100, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> On 07.01.2010 12:22, Luc Verhaegen wrote:
> > Ok, then each of those 6 strings are only stored once, and are always 
> > stored (if dmidecode is present), the never need to get used for other 
> > purposes, they never need to get removed and re-added with other 
> > contents. They are local to the dmi.c code. I do not see a reason to 
> > make them dynamically allocated.
> >   
> My main motivation here was libflashrom which is almost ready. The CLI
> is already factored out, so someone may convert flashrom into a shared
> lib, and I thought a lib shouldn't have too many static allocations. I
> won't fight over this, there are more important problems to solve than
> dynamic vs static allocation.

Ah, ok, in that case this might indeed be important, but i guess it is 
then better to go and clean up the lot in one go, as it will require 
interfaces to be created or altered.

Luc Verhaegen.

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