[flashrom] [RFC] JEDEC refactor w/ conversion notes and file eliminations

Sean Nelson audiohacked at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 19:26:54 CET 2010

On 12/25/2009 6:56 PM, Sean Nelson wrote:
> The chips that are suppose to use en29f002a already use 29f040b. Ok, 
> I've added the feature bit field and  FEATURE_REGISTERMAP. I've 
> restored all the old write code and modified as little as I can, we 
> should work on the design some more before anyone changes the write 
> functions.
>> Well, it seems I missed this in the last review. We should always read
>> the first part of the ID at 0x00/0x01 and I thought did_addr/mid_addr
>> specified the followup locations used for largeid1/largeid2.
> One chip expect to read the id using 0x00 and 0x02 on the first run...
> probe_m29f400bt         => probe_jedec_aaa_did_02
>> I have to admit I didn't check the conversion of the chip drivers. They
>> look sane on a quick glance, but I'll have to verify calling conventions
>> (int start vs. chipaddr dst) closely before giving a final Ack.
>> To be honest, I will kill all progress printing first thing after this
>> is committed. Better no progress printing than the current slow (and
>> sometimes buggy) stuff.
>> Regards,
>> Carl-Daniel
> Sound great! Thanks for the review, help, and everything.
> Thanks to Michael Karcher for the review and the double check on Don't 
> Cares in the datasheets.
> Also added my Copyrights lines to jedec.c and flashchips.c.

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