[flashrom] DMI matching patch

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Fri Jan 1 01:18:11 CET 2010

On 31.12.2009 17:22, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> On 30.12.2009 15:02, Michael Karcher wrote:
>> Matching via DMI: If a board is not uniquely identifiable by PCI
>> device/subsystem IDs, a string can be specified to be looked for
>> (case-sensitive, substring) for now in one of the following items:
>>  - System Manufacturer
>>  - System Product Name
>>  - System Version
>>  - Baseboard Manufacturer
>>  - Baseboard Product Name
>>  - Baseboard Version  
> I believe the substring match is suboptimal. For example, if you want to
> differentiate between the Asus M2A-VM and the Asus M2A-VM HDMI, only the
> HDMI variant can be matched safely.
> This may be a stupid question, but how do AWDFLASH etc. match their
> boards? Their mechanism is designed to work well under most
> circumstances, and the manufacturers check it for ambiguities.

If AWDFLASH etc. have no common scheme, I think we can come up with our
own. Suggestion:
- Ability to specify arbitrary combinations of all six strings without
introducing a boatload of new fields.
- (related to the point above) Storage format for string combinations,
delimited with "," and starting with a field specifying the string
selection (one char per selected string), delimiter, first string [,
delimiter, second string [, delimiter, third string]]. The end result is
still a human-readable string and can thus be stored in a simple C string.
- Strip all leading and trailing whitespace from the strings before
matching. Something like ltrim(rtrim($variable)) in BASIC.
- Always match full strings (no substring matching).


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