[flashrom] [PATCH] Replace PCI_OK/PCI_NT by OK/NT

Michael Karcher flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de
Wed Feb 24 01:04:58 CET 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 28.01.2010, 01:06 +0100 schrieb Uwe Hermann:
> On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 03:48:38PM +0100, Michael Karcher wrote:
> > We don't need to duplicate OK and NT as PCI_OK and PCI_NT if the symbols
> > are already there (defined for the chipset enable table).
> > 
> > Signed-off-by: Michael Karcher <flashrom at mkarcher.dialup.fu-berlin.de>
> Acked-by: Uwe Hermann <uwe at hermann-uwe.de>
  patch adapted to svn HEAD and committed in r911

  Michael Karcher

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