[flashrom] JIDA CMOS

Marc Ferland marc at mferland.net
Mon Feb 15 18:00:22 CET 2010

Hi all,

I work with kontron based COM boards. We currently use their home (DOS)
tools fptup and jidacmos to update the bios of our boards. These tools
work correctly but they must be run separatly from the rest of the
"factory" tools used to prepare the machines. Our current factory
tools use Linux to correctly update the different firmwares and
softwares we run on the machines. The only missing part is the BIOS.

So I am searching a way to integrate the BIOS update procedure to our
standard update procedure to simplify to whole process.

That being said, I tried the flashrom utility. I works for updating
the BIOS image, but doesn't seem to be able to update the
configuration part of the BIOS. The result is an updated BIOS version
with a wrong configuration (which fails to boot correctly).

Searching a little deeper, I found that to succesfully update the BIOS
on these boards, you not only have to update the BIOS image but you
also need to "pre-configure" it correctly. This is done by executing
the jidacmos DOS utility using the following cmds:

jidacmos rtc /clean
jidacmos eep /clean

So my question is: 
What is this jidacmos utility? Kontron doesn't give much details about it.

You guys have any idea of how I could reproduce the behaviour of the
jidacmos utility (cleaning the rtc and EEPROM I suppose)?

Any info would be appreciated!



Tech info:
Board model: SU9300
Chipset: ICH9M
The board uses the: AT25DF321 chip.

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