[flashrom] [PATCH] fix kontron 986lcd-m and winbond w39v080fa

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Thu Feb 4 12:55:03 CET 2010

On 04.02.2010 04:42, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:
> Short summary:
> The DMI non-match behaviour you're seeing is either by design or by
> accident. Not sure yet. There are patches floating around which would
> allow a DMI match without subsystem IDs.
> Will ping you once this is resolved.

Resolved for now.

> On 04.02.2010 03:30, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
>> On 2/4/10 3:07 AM, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger wrote:  
>>> On 04.02.2010 01:51, Stefan Reinauer wrote:
>>>> * get Kontron 986LCD-M recognized by ID detection again. This was apparently broken in r796
>>> Just a short question: The Kontron 986LCD-M appeared to be running
>>> coreboot. Is that correct? Quoting from the failure log you sent earlier:
>> No. The run that requires the IDs are with vendor BIOS. coreboot can
>> detect the board through coreboot table.
>> The subsystem IDs are only required when running flashrom on a not yet
>> migrated board.
>> I tried not changing the subsystem IDs and simply adding a DMI match
>> string, but that won't work because the DMI matching code is never
>> executed because the subsystem vendor ID matching code already decided
>> it's not a kontron board
> Ah, right. I'm not 100% familiar with the code. Looking at it again, the
> rules are:
> - Provide subsystem IDs even if they are bogus (e.g. copy of chipset
> vendor/device ID)
> - Since the above will match too many boards, DMI will be consulted as well.
> - DMI without subsystem IDs is too dangerous (multiple matches), so
> subsystem IDs are required even if they are bogus.

Subsystem IDs for the first device are required for DMI to match,
subsystem IDs for the second device are optional AFAICS.

> Unless I'm mistaken, the flashrom log you sent was from a board with
> coreboot, but I need a flashrom log from a board with factory BIOS.
> Short summary:
> - With the current DMI matching code, we need the sort-of-bogus
> subsystem IDs rejected by Luc.
> - The subsystem requirement may change tomorrow.
> - Additionally, that entry needs a DMI string as well.
> Caveat: If subsystem IDs differ between vendor BIOS and coreboot, we
> need two entries with the current policy.

I must have missed the lspci of the Kontron 986LCD-M with factory BIOS.
Anyway, if you resend your mainboard patch with one small change (added
DMI match) and if it works, I'll ack.


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