[flashrom] DOS flashrom - partial success on Dell Optiplex 320

RayeR rayer at seznam.cz
Fri Apr 23 22:17:17 CEST 2010

> The big problem here is that gettimeofday() apparently does not have any
> usable precision on your machine (maybe DOS/DJGPP related). Sometimes
> (always?) the time has not changed at all even after we delay for 10000
> us and that causes the timer code to bail out.
Yes this function in DJGPP probably use standard timer at 18,2Hz (55ms)
So I recomended uclock()...
> To summarize:
> - gettimeofday() has precision worse than 10 ms and that triggers timer
> recalculation.
> - Low uncached memory access is still broken on DOS or our SB600 SPI
> code has a bug. It would be cool if you could run flashrom under Linux
> on that machine (no read/write needed) and post the output in verbose
> mode. OTOH, it is possible that the BIOS screwed up caching of the SB600
> SPI MMIO region and in this case we can't do anything about it because
> checking MTRRs is infeasible.
Today I tried linux version (static linked by Rudolf) and it hanged at 
of the same chip, see log. So it's not DJGPP releated problem.


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