[flashrom] JIDA CMOS

Marc Ferland marc at mferland.net
Wed Apr 7 18:21:08 CEST 2010

At Wed, 7 Apr 2010 08:02:28 -0600,
Bill Flanders (wtflanders) wrote:
> Marc,
> I'm in the same boat using Kontron boards and Linux.   The flashrom program works to load the BIOS but I need a Linux
> solution to load custom CMOS/BIOS settings.   I currently have the DOS version of JIDACMOS and have contacted Kontron
> for the Linux version but have not heard back yet.
> Did you settle on nvramtool or the Linux version of JIDACMOS ?  

Hi Bill, 

One of my coworker has contacted Kontron asking if it would be
possible to release the source code of this JIDA thing (looks like a
special communication protocol used by Kontron for their
products). Unfortunatly, we didn't get any feedback yet.

What I currently know about this JIDA thing is that a driver is
available for linux but in binary form only. Only the interface is
available. This means that we are somewhat bound to the kernel kontron
uses to develop this driver. For example, if you are using a 64bit
version of the kernel on your device, I doubt that the precompiled
driver module will work out of the box...

One last thing (in case someone from kontron is listening): 

The makers of embedded devices really like to have full control over
the product they are using to build their platforms. This is currently
difficult with Kontron boards because the tools run either in DOS mode
or use a binary driver. Releasing the specification would allow some
open source project (like flashrom) to build better support for the
kontron boards.



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