[flashrom] DOS flashrom - partial success on Dell Optiplex 320

rayer rayer at seznam.cz
Wed Apr 7 12:21:54 CEST 2010

I tried the latest build and didn't get a crash - well mmap() emulation 
seems to be finally working ;)
but when I tried to dump flash with -V -r it hanged after probing chip:
AE49F2008, skipped
I wait a minute but it didn't probed other chips, so I pressed CTRL+C...
It also seems to have some problems with delay loop calibration.
Maybe you can use DJGPP functions udelay() and uclock() with ~1us 
So I opened the case and lookoed for the flash chip - PMC Pm49FL004T
and passed - c Pm49FL004 option. Then the chip was probed OK and
flash content dumped, well done.
Here's the dumped BIOS image


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