[flashrom] Probe and Read works for "SST SST49LF040"

David Westberg david at uarda.dlinkddns.com
Sun Apr 4 10:37:39 CEST 2010

Tried the neat flashrom tool on my machine. Probe and read works.
Output included below.

debian2:~/flashrom# flashrom -r backup-bios.bin
Calibrating delay loop... OK.
No coreboot table found.
WARNING: No chipset found. Flash detection will most likely fail.
Found chip "SST SST49LF040" (512 KB) at physical address 0xfff80000.
This flash part has status UNTESTED for operations: PROBE READ ERASE WRITE
Please email a report to flashrom at coreboot.org if any of the above operations
work correctly for you with this flash part. Please include the full output
from the program, including chipset found. Thank you for your help!
Reading Flash...done
debian2:~/flashrom# ls -l
totalt 516
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 524288  4 apr 10.30 backup-bios.bin

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