[flashrom] [Request for testers] Intel 28F004/28F400 support

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Thu Apr 1 17:13:50 CEST 2010

On 01.04.2010 16:31, Michael Karcher wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, den 01.04.2010, 12:56 +0200 schrieb Carl-Daniel
> Hailfinger:
>>> As I really like the rolling reflash stuff, I don't feel like ripping
>>> it out. On the other hand, you are right. This code is broken (as the
>>> FWH unification applied it to non-uniform-sized chips) right now, and
>>> that should be fixed before release. Having it work correctly is more
>>> important than the rolling reflash stuff, so I can resubmit a version
>>> that rips out the blockwise erase/write.
>>>> It should solve all non-uniform sector stuff.
>>> Would a patch removing the rolling reflash be accepted before 0.9.2?
>> If you can get it tested on one previously supported 82802ab-style chip
>> and on one 82802ab-style chip with non-uniform sector sizes, sure.
> I don't have access to a previously supported 82802ab chip (with uniform
> sector size). Any testers?
> Hint: Chips that are OK for testing are:
>  Intel 28F004S5 (the 'S' is important here)
>  Intel 82802AB/AC
>  ST M50FLW040A/B
>  ST M50FLW080A/B
>  ST M50FW016
>  ST M50FW040
>  ST M50FW080
> If I get my Thinkpad T20 to boot, I can try with the 28F004 in it. It's
> a non-uniform flashchip supported by this patch.

Cool, but please don't risk death of that laptop.

>> Some people might complain about a feature regression, but to be honest
>> this code is broken for some cases right now and sometimes radical
>> surgery is initially painful but crucial for long-term viability. We're
>> definitely shooting for long-term support and development of flashrom,
>> and everything which makes continued development easier will get a
>> thumbs up from me.
> OK, I get you right that I should resubmit the patch without the
> incremental write and with "<< shifted", and have your Ack? Of course
> without the bogus "i28f00x" line in chipdrivers.h

"without the incremental write" -> "killing the incremental write".
But yes, I will review and ack such a patch.



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