[flashrom] [PATCH] Convert flashchips to use struct eraseblock - AMD

Carl-Daniel Hailfinger c-d.hailfinger.devel.2006 at gmx.net
Tue Dec 22 09:09:58 CET 2009

On 22.12.2009 08:16, Sean Nelson wrote:
> After asking if page_size was equivalent to a chip's sector size,
> while I was verifying datasheets and our flashchip support table,
> Carl-Daniel suggested I convert all chips to use struct eraseblock.
> Starting from the top of the file and working down, this is the first
> of many patches.
> Signed-off-by: Sean Nelson <audiohacked at gmail.com>

Thanks for the patch!

A few comments:
Some chips had erase_chip_jedec as erase function (AM_29F002BB,
AM_29F002BT) but it seems you dropped calls to that function completely.
Does the datasheet forbid chip erase or is this a problem with
mismatched prototypes? If you need an example of how a wrapper can be
created, look at spi.c:spi_block_erase_60() which performs exactly that
task with error checking.

Some chips have a status where erase is marked as tested (TEST_OK_PREW
etc.) and this should be adapted to read TEST_OK_PRW or somesuch. Simply
kill the E.

The code does not compile because of the following reasons:
erase_29f040b() and erase_sector_29f040b() do not match the expected
int (*block_erase) (struct flashchip *flash, unsigned int blockaddr,
unsigned int blocklen);
You'll have to edit am29f040b.c and change the signature of these functions.
You'll have to add an eraseblock list to AMIC_A29040B, PMC_29F002T,
Pm29F0002B if you change the function signature of erase_sector_29f040b().
erase_sector_29f040b() is not declared in chipdrivers.h.
erase_sector_29f040b() is static (remove the static keyword).
You forgot the comma at the end of some eraseblock definitions.

Now just one comment about cosmetics:
Could you write
{16 * 1024, 1},
instead of
{16*1024, 1},
and if you have block sizes of e.g. 8192M, write them as 8 * 1024 * 1024
(basically having a max factor of 1024).
The spaces between number and operator are standard flashrom coding
style and I do care about them. However, the limit on 1024 for numbers
is pretty much arbitrary and if you want to ignore it, feel free to do so.

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