[flashrom] flash write failed to SST49LF160C on jetway J7F2

maarten van es maarten.h.van.es at gmail.com
Sun Dec 6 13:59:09 CET 2009

Hi all,

I got an "sector erase FAILED, status =0x82" message when trying to
flash a chip. This is not the original bios chip, so I am safe in that
regard, but I would still like to get this chip to work. Could the
chip be faulty or does anyone have suggestions why it might not work?

some info:
motherboard: Jetway J7F2 (VIA VT8237) (comes with a 4MBit chip)
flash chip: SST49LF160C (16MBit)
reading works fine (at least, no errors)
flash write protect is disabled in BIOS setup, there are no
(documented) jumpers for flash write protection

Interestingly (?), if I run flashrom multiple times, it fails at
different addresses.

I have not tried flashing the original bios chip with a copy of
itself, but would prefer to keep that chip in a known good state.


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