[coreboot] Burn 2MB coreboot.rom on 8MB flash chip

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Tue Sep 25 10:34:25 CEST 2018

Hello Zvika,

On 9/24/18 9:18 PM, Zvi Vered wrote:
> I have an Intel's ATOM Bay Trail board. The output of "inteltool" is:
> CPU: ID 0x30679, Processor Type 0x0, Family 0x6, Model 0x37, Stepping 0x9
> Northbridge: 8086:0f00 (Bay Trail)
> Southbridge: 8086:0f1c (Bay Trail)
> IGD: 8086:0f31 (unknown)
> In coreboot configuration I selected:
> Mainboard -> Mainboard model -> Bayley Bay FSP-based CRB
> The default ROM chip size is 2MB.
> This is also the size of coreboot.rom created after "make"
> The board has 8MB BIOS flash.
> It's delivered with a BIOS programming utility that runs under EFI shell.

is your board related to the Bayley Bay CRB? or is it just a random new
Bay Trail board? I'm not sure how much Bay Trail boards differ, but
usually you have to adapt a lot settings in coreboot for a new board
(like the ROM size). I always advice to check the GPIO and other pin
settings first, before trying to boot a new board.

> The original BIOS has 2 versions: rom (5MB) and bin (8MB)
> I tried to burn the 2MB coreboot.rom with the vendor's BIOS utlity.

That's not a good idea. In case the board doesn't boot anymore after-
wards (which is likely for a first shot), you need an external flash
programmer anyway.


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