[coreboot] Tianocore and TPM

You, Benjamin benjamin.you at intel.com
Thu Sep 20 02:44:17 CEST 2018

Hi Jorge,

The staging UEFI Payload project (https://github.com/tianocore/edk2-staging/tree/UEFIPayload) has TPM support (although turned off by default, and using "FTPM" as the name (which needs to be fixed)).

Please have a look at UefiPayloadPkgIA32X64.dsc for the components under tag "$(FTPM_ENABLE)". These components mainly do the measuring of firmware components and log the results.

Also there is parsing logic in Library/PlatformInfoParseLib/ParseLib.c that parses TPM info in ACPI table passed from Coreboot. (This logic hasn't been sufficiently verified as this is still a "staging" project).

You might have a try. Please let us know if you see any bugs / problems in these. You might also use the EDKII mailing list for discussing issues with the UEFI Payload.


-        ben

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Hi all!

I'm trying to enable the TPM2 support in the tianocore payload. The TPM2 device is working, because I've enabled the DEBUG_TPM and coreboot reports is up. I guess that I have to modify the 'CorebootPayloadPkgIa32X64.dsc' file to enable the TPM support but there are so many dependencies. Anybody has a working tianocore payload with TPM?


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