[coreboot] [AMD family16h] What need to be done in coreboot to support the Virtual Wire mode

Zheng Bao fishbaoz at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 25 09:17:38 CEST 2018

  I tried AMI and it works.

It seems that VxWorks does not use ACPI.
Mptable and PCI interrupt Line instead.
I copy all the mptable and PCI configuration space from AMI.
Now SATA can work. But PCIe Networks Card can not work.

Any more ideas? Thanks.


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Dne 23. 10. 18 v 1:57 Marc Jones napsal(a):
> Does VxWorks use the ACPI tables for IRQ routing? You might need that.

Yes good question. Usually OS uses ACPI, or MPTable or what BIOS provided in
the PCI device itself.

It seems because you are asking for the virtual wire mode IOAPIC is not supported and legacy PIC mode
maybe needed?

Does this OS configure LINT0 for ExtINT on at least one CPU? (this is how virtual wire can be implemented)

Or second way to do that, is to program IO-APIC 0 or 2 depending on chipset to ExtInt. This will cause PIC interrupts
to be delivered to the CPU.

Please note that for PCI devices you also need to program PCI IRQ router and ELCR register if you are going to use the PIC mode,


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