[coreboot] T520 vs. T530

Evgeny Zinoviev me at ch1p.com
Tue Oct 23 23:06:01 CEST 2018

>> 3. With which model it is easier to install coreboot on it?
> No practical difference, the building and flashing procedure is the same.
Not quite so. On T520 the flash chip is accessible right after you
remove the keyboard and the palmrest and there's no need to remove the
motherboard from chassis. On T530 there are two flash chips and while
the 8M one is easily accessible after you remove the palmrest, the 4M
one is covered with the magnesium frame and you have to disassemble the
laptop completely, and the 4M one is the one you need to flash. Although
it's possible to use just the 8M chip by using modified layout, it might
be confusing for a beginner. (I wrote a guide how to do that based on my
W530 experience, here:

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