[coreboot] Contribution to coreboot board status

Patrick Georgi pgeorgi at google.com
Tue Oct 23 14:29:17 CEST 2018

Am Di., 23. Okt. 2018 um 10:18 Uhr schrieb Sven Dreyer <sven at dreyer-net.de>:

> I'd like to contribute the board status of my Alix 2C board, which runs
> great using coreboot.

Wonderful, welcome to the coreboot community!

> https://coreboot.org/status/board-status.html says
> that this is possible if you have an account at review.coreboot.org, but
> on that site, there is no "create account" button. Login with launchpad
> credentials works for the website, but when I run "./board_status.sh
> -u", remote git (of course) doesn't accept my launchpad credentials.
After you're logged in with Gerrit, you can get git-compatible credentials
at https://review.coreboot.org/settings/#HTTPCredentials that you can then
store in $HOME/.netrc for git to pick up.

Thank you for asking (instead of giving up). I think I wrote that text on
board-status.html and for me it's obvious how gerrit credentials work -
I'll try to improve the explanation of the process there.

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