[coreboot] Contribution to coreboot board status

Sven Dreyer sven at dreyer-net.de
Tue Oct 23 10:16:57 CEST 2018

Hi list,

I'd like to contribute the board status of my Alix 2C board, which runs 
great using coreboot. https://coreboot.org/status/board-status.html says 
that this is possible if you have an account at review.coreboot.org, but 
on that site, there is no "create account" button. Login with launchpad 
credentials works for the website, but when I run "./board_status.sh 
-u", remote git (of course) doesn't accept my launchpad credentials.

Is there any possibility to get an account for that site? Alternatively, 
I could send a tarball with the files collected by board_status.sh

Thanks and best regards,

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