[coreboot] T520 vs. T530

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The iGPU T520 and dGPU T420 have stability problems when running coreboot. (
So get a T530/W530/W520/dGPU T520.

I don't know the eGPU status of notebooks running coreboot.

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> Hello guys,
> I am planning to buy a used Lenovo Thinkpad and install coreboot on it. I
> am completely new to coreboot and I need help in the decision if I should
> buy a T520 or a T530. I read the wiki and some other pages but it's still
> hard for me to decide which model I should buy.
> 1. I need CPU power. I read that it is possible to put a i7-3940XM in a
> T530. Because of coreboot it should also possible to put it in a T520?
> 2. I would like to use an eGPU. Any differences between these two models?
> 3. With which model it is easier to install coreboot on it?
> 4. What are the general pros and cons of a T520/T530, especially with
> coreboot?
> Thanks for your help!
> Kind regards--
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