[coreboot] Skylake (XHCI): System self start just after suspend S3.

Jose Trujillo ce.autom at protonmail.com
Fri Nov 30 09:59:16 CET 2018

Hello Naresh:

> Just to add thought in HW perspective, Is VBUS to USB ports are stable
> during S3 transition. Do you see any OC# lines getting asserted ?
I do not have an oscilloscope on hand until Monday BUT.... I just borrowed from my programmer's colleagues another model of COM express carrier board and works stable (as it should).

So, it's certain that is a hardware flaw and probably cause a glitch on +5V_SBY (just looking and comparing the schematics of both).
Not a coreboot's fault...

Sorry about that, let's move on and thank you very much for your support and showing me the right way.

BTW: This interesting debug information you provided me I will keep on hand for future issues.

Jose Trujillo.

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