[coreboot] Coreboot and Kabylake FSP-M

roman perepelitsin perepelitsin.roman at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 16:09:21 CET 2018

I'm try to run Coreboot on Intel Xeon1505L with C236 and DDR4 memory down
using kabylake FSP GOLD. I setup UART0 for coreboot console out and try to
set UART0 for FSP-M debug out, but have only POST codes to port80/81 from
FSP-M. In FSP integration guide I didn't find full POST-codes describe.
So - can some body help with this? My lasts post codes: DD46h DD30h DD32h
DD35h DD45h DD36h DD37h DD41h DD4Dh DD3fh. I think it MRC codes, but that
they mean - don't know. I see in oscilloscope, that DDR try to start in
this stage, but after all I have error from FSP-M 80000007h.

Perepelitsin Roman
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