[coreboot] Skylake (XHCI): System self start just after suspend S3.

Jose Trujillo ce.autom at protonmail.com
Wed Nov 28 08:51:07 CET 2018

Hello Naresh,

> You mean connecting device to USB3 cause wake immediately after S3 entry?

No, if I use only USB mouse and keyboard connected to USB2 ports the computer will suspend correctly (if I click or execute the S3 command) and will not wake up (I did 60hour test) unless I push the power button or press any key on the USB keyboard.

But, If I populate any USB3 port (XHCI) with any USB device (no matter if is USB2 or 3 compliant) the system will not go to suspension, just start again and resume the OS where it was.

Connecting any USB device in a USB3 port is not waking up the system once the system is suspended.

> Can you provide kernel logs

Yes, I will do it today.

> What device are you using?

I am using Nico Huber's bSL6 COMe module from coreboot's Gerrit on a Kabylake bKL6 (with the same PCB layout) with of course KabyLake microcode and configuration in Kconfig.


I just added the bitmap for wake enable and other small things in devicetree.

> Does behaviour changes if different device on USB3 is used ?

No, anything connected on USB3 port will prevent suspension (USB2/3 thumb drive or keyboard/mouse)...

> Also can you provided MMIO dump of PORTSC before & after S3 entry.

I am working on it.

Thank you,
Jose Trujillo.

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