[coreboot] Asus KGPE-D16 with latest coreboot errors with Unsupported Hardware on Qubes 4 install missing IOMMU?

petecb petecb at protonmail.com
Mon Nov 26 15:15:15 CET 2018


I have an Asus KGPE-D16 motherboard I am trying to get working with Coreboot and use with Qubes 4. It has a single AMD 6386 CPU and 128Gb DDR3 ECC RAM.

I have successfully cloned the git repository and built the coreboot.rom. However when I flash it on to the board and then run the Qubes installer it complains that there is an “Unsupported Hardware Error” and I get the text "This hardware lack features requred by Qubes OS. Missing features: IOMMU/VT-d/AMD-Vi , Interrupt Remapping”

If I install Fedora and run dmesg, AMD-Vi and the IOMMU all appear to be fine.

I have tried flashing the board with an older version of Libreboot and can confim this proceeds through the Qubes 4 installation without issue. However, I wish to use a recent version of Coreboot for support of a Pci-E SSD and to ensure I am running the latest microcode updates.

Can anyone offer me some guidance please?
Is it possible I am not selecting the right options when I do “make nconfig” before building the rom?

Kind regards,

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