[coreboot] Hardware needed for flashing a T530

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sun Nov 25 23:56:08 CET 2018

Hi Mike,

On 25.11.18 23:40, Mike Banon wrote:
> Hi Nico, please could you confirm that FT2232H (link to which you have
> provided) could work as a debug dongle? At "menuconfig" I only see
> USBDEBUG_DONGLE_FTDI_FT232H but not FT2232H , don't know how similar
> they are to each other

yes, it works. FT4232H should work too btw. The FT232H just implements
a single port, the FT4232H four ports. But they should be compatible
otherwise (at least I didn't see any distinction for them when looking
at libftdi to write the debug support).


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