[coreboot] Further coreboot releases, setting new standards

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Fri Nov 23 20:09:42 CET 2018

On 23.11.18 17:00, Patrick Georgi via coreboot wrote:
> Am Fr., 23. Nov. 2018 um 16:32 Uhr schrieb Arthur Heymans <
> arthur at aheymans.xyz>:
>> Nico also suggested to set the timeframe 2 weeks before the release, to
>> avoid last minute WIP patches attempting to tackle the issue right
>> before the release.
> The more regular approach is to drop the features and boards right _after_
> release.

Sorry, that wasn't thought through. What I meant is somewhat: If a board
doesn't have the required features after a release, it should be removed
unless there is a review ongoing that started earlier than two weeks
before the release (i.e. the patches had a real chance to get in).

Background: A year ago (iirc), somebody was working on patches around
the release and didn't want the affected board(s) removed even it was
too late. Delaying the removal means a lot extra work for maintainers,
probably more work than to add the boards back later again. I don't want
that to happen again, but also don't want to remove boards that have a
patch that wasn't reviewed yet (e.g. because nobody had the time).

With that in mind, maybe make it 2 months.


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