[coreboot] [SMSC SCH3114] Super I/O issues

Konstantin Novikov novikov.konstantin.nk at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 14:08:00 CET 2018


I'm working on BayTrail SoC with Super I/O (SMSC SCH 3114). Now Super I/O
is my big headache. Is anybody knows, why a PS/2 keyboard doesn't works
when 'PS/2 keyboard initialized' printed in debug console?
I'm really sure that I'm found it on PCI bus (values from Super I/O
registers' are correct). I see some allocated resources for it in debug
console log. But I can't use COM ports and PS/2 devices.
I'm really unsure, that I'm configured a device tree well. My main
missunderstanding: where can I find IRQs for LDNs? Didn't found this
information in a Super I/O's datasheet. Is it "any free" value for IRQ? Or
I must search information about it in BayTrail datasheet?

Thank you all (log attached).

Novikov Konstantin.
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