[coreboot] Supported Motherboards

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Mon Nov 12 00:27:05 CET 2018

On 11/11/18 4:09 AM, kinky_nekoboi wrote:
> I strongly agree to what Mike said.

> thats maybe the "i want a cheap but yet powerfull and as Free as
> possible" point of view.
> Also with the recent AMDGPU driver for linux. amd hardware is a good
> option to have a somewhat powerful and free graphics solution.

With the "free" parts of amdgpu you have no modesetting, AFAICT. I don't
see how that is a good option. They don't document their display engine,
AFAIK. That plus that AMD graphics driver developers make the impression
that they wouldn't accept open-source modesetting into the Linux kernel
is why I never started to look into writing native gfx init for AMD.
Which works fine for Intel btw., they are very open in that area.

> And i am personaly much less worried about some vgabios or gpu microcode
> than an backdoor processor on my main cpu.

Why? If you don't even know what runs on your main CPU, why care about
other processors? (let's ignore that you said "backdoor processor" which
could also apply to the AMD platforms this discussion was earlier about)
Integrated graphics processors usually have full RAM access btw.

> If i will hopeful  get mad C-skillz and better unterstanding about
> lowlevel hardware processes in the future, i really would like to
> contribute to those amd 15th gen Ports of coreboot.

That would be much appreciated.


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