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Patrick Georgi pgeorgi at google.com
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Am So., 11. Nov. 2018 um 14:54 Uhr schrieb <echelon at free.fr>:

>  We (the owners of agesa based boards) need to prepare for this
> eventuality, and maybe if we want to keep coreboot alive (and evolving) on
> our platforms we should consider a fork... Please don't insult me for this
> for this reasoning (it is not even a proposal..), but we must face the
> reality..
You're free to contribute to improve the code quality of AGESA based boards
in coreboot. Practically all Lenovo mainboards in the coreboot tree are
maintained by volunteers, back to the i945 based x/t60.

> to get advice and support in our maintaining efforts..

I don't think advice and support are the issue here, but the question who
would be doing the maintaining.

The interesting part about "clean up AGESA" is that you don't need to be an
expert in firmware to do that: There are so many simple things to do (for
example, align the coding style to be more coreboot-like, given that AMD
gave up on the coreboot-AGESA integration). We have a couple of
contributors who probably aren't experts in firmware but do great work like
that (although not on AGESA, they seem to be interested in other parts of
the tree), and slowly ramp up to more complex projects.

Regular board-status updates would also demonstrate that the code is still
being actively used in current trees, and help identify commits that broke
coreboot on these boards. I wouldn't know if any random supermicro
mainboard still boots with coreboot from today's master branch. Do you?

But what definitely won't work, neither in coreboot nor in any fork, is to
expect others to cater to your needs: For maintaining, you need maintainers.

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