[coreboot] Supported Motherboards

Kinky Nekoboi kinky_nekoboi at bluetardis.de
Thu Nov 8 16:24:27 CET 2018

seems like it was quite silent around these board in the mailing list
except my emails.

the first rom i test was send me by vidwer at gmail.com it was labeled
coreboot_asus_f2a85-m_1532513585.rom .. i dont know if this is the
commit code of it.

this one was working it think also with IOMMU but it was not able to
drive a radeon addon card.

Does someone no who was working on this boards first .. in the past the
original developer of a port could help me with some problems.

Am 08.11.18 um 15:48 schrieb Mike Banon:
> A10-5750M CPU of AMD Lenovo G505S laptop is from the same Richland 15h > family as your F2A85M-* , and its' southbridge A76M should be also >
very similar to what you have: its' Bolton-M3 but there's a relatively >
small difference between these Bolton and Hudson since they are from >
the same family of FCH ( >
> ) . Although I don't know why your IOMMU isn't working and why these >
Raminit problems are happening, its definitely possible to fix them, >
maybe even by wisely borrowing some of G505S specific source code >
(comparing the sources and trying to borrow some sources your board >
might be lacking). In addition, try looking through the mailing lists >
/ board_status reports to find the people who have the same >
motherboard as you and CC them your e-mails in case they aren't >
subscribed to coreboot mailing list; maybe they could tell you some >
useful info: e.g. what if IOMMU and Raminit were working before but >
got broken by some bad commit; if you'd know that some of this has >
been working before together with an approximate date, it'd be >
possible to triangulate the "things-breaking" commit by doing the >
dichotomy (e.g. it should take just 10 tries to go through 1024 >
commits and find which one broke it) > > Best regards, > Mike Banon > On
Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 5:33 PM kinky_nekoboi >
<kinky_nekoboi at bluetardis.de> wrote: >> >> hello mike that are great
news! >> it would be nice if this success would benefit the hudson
boards (f2a85m-*) too. >> IOMMU and Raminit(no dual channel) >> even
with microcode are still buggy as hell. But at least this port makes my
home workstation as fast and blobfree as possible. >> >> greetings >>
the nekoboi >> >> Am 8. November 2018 15:29:05 MEZ schrieb Mike Banon
<mikebdp2 at gmail.com>: >>> >>> Please consider AMD Lenovo G505S laptop:
all the hardware >>> virtualizations AMD-V / SLAT / IOMMU are fully
supported there >>> (although you have to install a microcode update to
avoid the possible >>> glitches), no Intel ME / AMD PSP, quad-core CPU,
16GB DDR3 RAM >>> possible, recent build_status report, and there's a
cosy community >>> around it and we intend to support it for a looong
time - as long as >>> all our G505S last >>> >>> Best regards, >>> Mike
Banon >>> On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 1:37 AM Timothy Pearson >>>
<tpearson at raptorengineering.com> wrote: >>>> >>>>
> On 11/07/2018 01:56 PM, kinky_nekoboi wrote:
> >>>>>
> >>>>> sounds promissing i will give it a deeper look later.
> >>>>> this makes the SNB/IVY platform much more attractive to me.
> >>>>> thx for the information.
> Be aware there's still an Intel ME requirement for those platforms;
> while they are old enough that the ME can be significantly reduced, it
> cannot be completely eliminated.
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