[coreboot] CoffeeLake RVP master: Code changed... How to enable SATA and LAN?

Jose Trujillo ce.autom at protonmail.com
Thu Nov 8 16:10:15 CET 2018

Dear Lance:

Yesterday I managed to make internal GbE to work with the following:

# Enable Root port 4 (PCIe port 5) for GbE
register "PcieRpEnable[4]" = "1"
register "PcieClkSrcUsage[0]" = "PCIE_CLK_LAN"
register "PcieClkSrcClkReq[0]" = "0"

Works fine....

But I am trying to enable NVMe and PCIe slots with the following:

# Enable Root port 8 (PCIe port 9) for NVMe
register "PcieRpEnable[8]" = "1"
register "PcieClkSrcUsage[2]" = "8"
register "PcieClkSrcClkReq[2]" = "2"

# Enable Root port 12 (PCIe port 13) for x1 Slot
register "PcieRpEnable[12]" = "1"
register "PcieClkSrcUsage[1]" = "12"
register "PcieClkSrcClkReq[1]" = "1"

Neither NVMe and PCIe works.

What could be still missing?
Also I still have problems with SATA unable to partition, format neither install an OS.

Tomorrow I will update coreboot to see if there is some improvement.

Any Idea or hint will be appreciated.
Thank you,
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