[coreboot] There are ASMB5's on fleabay right now for $30/ea (firmware storage module required for OpenBMC on the KGPE-D16/KCMA-D8)

Taiidan at gmx.com Taiidan at gmx.com
Thu Nov 1 00:11:44 CET 2018

(This is the firmware storage module required to use OpenBMC on the
KGPE-D16/KCMA-D8 boards - with it at last one can have feature
equivalency with a proprietary system)

Great opportunity if you need but don't have one - they appear to be
brand new.

Raptor says either the ASMB4 or the ASMB5 will work.

While the facebook version of OpenBMC is stripped down (they used that
one for smaller firmware size afaik) and not as nice as the IBM OpenBMC
found on the various OpenPOWER machines it is still secure and much
nicer than the exploit filled default BMC firmware from ASUS.

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