[coreboot] vboot

David Hendricks david.hendricks at gmail.com
Fri Jun 29 20:20:54 CEST 2018

On Fri, Jun 29, 2018 at 8:34 AM, Akendo <akendo at akendo.eu> wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> I'm reading through the source code and found vboot. It should standing
> for verified boot. However I can't find any documentation(except the
> source code). Can anyone provide me with some explanation how to get it
> going or to make a little more sense of it?
> As far as I understand it needs to verify the signature against a
> Key/CA. This key should be located within the TPM. But how should the
> key/CA look like? Will be a classic x509 be enough?

Hi Akendo,
Here is some more background on vboot:

In this schema usually the public key is stored in a write-protected
region of the firmware ROM. You can store it anywhere you want so long
as you can guarantee that it can't be tampered with in an undesirable

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