[coreboot] wiki backup

Leah Rowe info at gluglug.org.uk
Thu Jun 14 20:35:54 CEST 2018

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On 14/06/18 19:01, Martin Roth wrote:
> * When the wiki was started, we didn't really think about
> licensing, so most of what's been written needs to be scrapped as
> we're not going to go back and contact all of the original authors,
> many of whom are no longer part of the project, to see if it's OK
> to update the license on their contribution.  As we've joined the
> SFC and committed to having all of our documentation correctly
> licensed with an appropriate license, this means that we'd be
> starting over, regardless of whether we stuck with a wiki or
> changed to something else.

This is also by virtue of the way MediaWiki is designed.

> * The wiki requires a separate login from everything else, which
> has to be created manually.  We've gotten criticism for only
> allowing wiki access to "a few coreboot elites".  People can sign
> up for a gerrit account and contribute to the coreboot
> documentation with pretty minimal restrictions.

Not only that, but it wasn't clear how to get an account in the first

By the way, what do you think of the idea I floated in a previous
message? My idea is to have some kind of web interface where a
non-technical user who doesn't know how to use git can browse the
documentation on the website and click "edit", which will take them to
the appropriate markdown file in the repository. When they're done,
they give their edit a title and description, which becomes the commit
message, and their contribution gets sent to code review (Gerrit).

How feasible do you think this would be?
It would give some of the ease of use of MediaWiki as before, while
still having all of the advantages that you listed.


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