[coreboot] ANN: release notes are now maintained in Documentation/release

Patrick Georgi pgeorgi at google.com
Wed Jun 6 22:28:30 CEST 2018

Hi everybody,

Martin pasted the release notes into coreboot.git's Documentation
folder and also added a stub for coreboot 4.9.

Since the volume of coreboot changes increased a lot in the last few
years, it's infeasible to create release notes after the fact by
looking at the commits since last release.

When you add noteworthy changes, please add a commit to your patch
train that extends the upcoming release notes. Use your own words,
provide some background - right now, it's mostly a list of bullet
points, but it doesn't need to be.
I'm quite sure that we'll manage to develop a common voice for the
release notes as well for all other documentation.

New chipsets and mainboards can be automatically covered by scripts
that extract the information, so they don't _need_ such a manual
description. These automated entries will be rather bland though, so
if you want to see context, feel free to add something for them as

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