[coreboot] Problem with W83627DHG in Baytrail I (Possible IRQ conflict or overlapped SOC legacy COM1)

Jose Trujillo ce.autom at protonmail.com
Tue Jun 5 16:11:54 CEST 2018

Dear coreboot developers:

My system is Baytrail FSP E3845
2 LPC SIO WINBOND_W83627DHG and FINTEK_F81803 (disabled at this moment)
SERIRQ has been enabled.

I have the following issue in the W83627DHG SIO:
ttyS2  @  0x3e8, irq 4  doesn't work.   (changing IRQ 4 to 6 does not make any difference)
ttyS3  @  0x2e8, irq 3  works OK.

I am not mixing PCI interrupts with PNP ones.
PIRQ_PIC(A,  5), \
PIRQ_PIC(B,  6), \
PIRQ_PIC(C,  7), \
PIRQ_PIC(D, 10), \
PIRQ_PIC(E, 11), \
PIRQ_PIC(F, 12), \
PIRQ_PIC(G, 14), \

device pci 1f.0 on # 8086 0F1C - LPC bridge
             chip superio/winbond/w83627dhg
                          device pnp 2e.0 off end #  Floppy
                          device pnp 2e.1 off end #  Parallel Port
                          device pnp 2e.2 on #  Com1
                                        io 0x60 = 0x3e8
                                        irq 0x70 = 4
                         device pnp 2e.3 on #  Com2
                                        io 0x60 = 0x2e8
                                        irq 0x70 = 3
                        device pnp 2e.5 off end #  Keyboard
                        device pnp 2e.6 off end #  SPI

Mainboard Kconfig
                 select SOC_INTEL_FSP_BAYTRAIL
                 select SUPERIO_WINBOND_W83627DHG
##             select SUPERIO_FINTEK_F81803
                 select BOARD_ROMSIZE_KB_2048
                 select HAVE_ACPI_TABLES
                 select HAVE_OPTION_TABLE
                 select TSC_MONOTONIC_TIMER
                 select HAVE_ACPI_RESUME
                 select CONFIG_SERIRQ_CONTINUOUS_MODE
Serial port on SuperIO is disabled in menuconfig ---> Generic Drivers.
Coreboot version is 4.8.1.
FSP version is Baytrail MR5

superiotool is giving me consistent information about adresses and irqs on the winbond and fintek chips. (but fintek is disabled now) so it means the SOC is communicating correctly with the SIO chips.
I still didn't added superio.asl to the winbond SIO because it crash in Windows 7 and 10 with ACPI error.
Original AMI firmware works correctly on both SIO chips.

There is something I still missing to do?  (additional configuration, routing, files like dts?? etc...)
Another issue is that no matter I disable SOC legacy COM1 and menuconfig always appear ttyS0 in Linux (A ghost that I am not able to disable yet).
Somebody have experience on this issue?
Anyone can give me guidance in debugging this?
Please tell me if i need to provide you with more information.

Thank you in advance,
Jose Trujillo.
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