[coreboot] Sun Ultra 40 M2 Board - Obscured coreboot status

Bostjan Kravcar bostjan.ign.k at t-2.si
Thu Jul 19 21:47:21 CEST 2018

Thanks Peter,


It doesn't sound half as bad I feared it would, honestly. The way I see it,
this is what I can and should do:


- Acquire the Ultra 40 M2 machine (just bite the bullet, as there's no other
way around.), to be able to run the tests in a first place;

- Buy a couple of blank BIOS chips for that particular board, to use them
for flashing various versions of coreboot BIOS images; if anything goes
terribly wrong (workstation misbehaves, with any given coreboot image
flashed), I can still use the computer with proprietary BIOS.

- Try with the last stable release, where my board is listed as supported
(4.8?), then stick to it if all works well;  

- Post the test results for functionalities (hmm, where . through mailing
list ?), that were marked as >Untested</ >Not working</ >WIP<,  as listed in
the last update of the table, with a status summary of the board
functionalities, or . ?


As you can see, I'm fumbling around and stumbling quite a bit,  being
overwhelmed by the maze of available information on one hand, and the lack
of encouraging up-to-date hints and proofs for the future on the other hand.
I suppose this is where the proverbial line >welcome to the moment< comes
into play.


Kind regards,



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