[coreboot] OpenBSD won't install on an x220 Thinkpad with Coreboot

Robert Milton donteatmyinbox at gmx.com
Thu Dec 20 23:30:36 CET 2018

I'm trying to get OpenBSD to install on an x220 Thinkpad with 
Coreboot/SeaBIOS but I'm running into two problems: the ethernet device 
doesn't work and OpenBSD doesn't detect my HDD. dmesg said em0 wouldn't 
load because the EEPROM had an invalid signature. I have no idea why 
OpenBSD doesn't see my HDD though. It's strange because everything works 
fine under Linux.  And I cannot seem to mount a usb drive under the 
OpenBSD installer to attach dmesg errors.

I originally posted this as a bug report to bug report mailing list but 
Theo said it would be better suited for Coreboot's and wasn't a bug in 

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