[coreboot] T430s cannot compile coreboot.rom, it was fine a month ago

Kyle K kylek389 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 05:58:59 CET 2018


I cannot compile git coreboot anymore for T430s, my last successful compile
is from Nov 12, that is the last time that I flashed my laptop with fresh
git coreboot. Since then I have not changed anything on my end except usual
'git pull; git submodule update --init --checkout; make nconfig (I would
simply save to update my .config file); make'

This is the error I'm getting (it is actually after running 'make' for 2nd
time since it prints less info)
[kyle at ROG ~/coreboot (master)]$ make
Skipping submodule '3rdparty/blobs'
Skipping submodule '3rdparty/fsp'
    GEN        generated/bootblock.ld
    CP         bootblock/arch/x86/bootblock.ld
    LINK       cbfs/fallback/bootblock.debug
    OBJCOPY    cbfs/fallback/bootblock.elf
    OBJCOPY    bootblock.raw.elf
    OBJCOPY    bootblock.raw.bin
    CREATE     build/mainboard/lenovo/t430s/cbfs-file.CkOxZB.out (from
make: *** No rule to make target 'src/mainboard/lenovo/t430s/data.vbt',
needed by 'build/coreboot.pre'.  Stop.

[kyle at ROG ~/coreboot (master)]$ find src/mainboard/lenovo/t430s -name

Is the data.vbt in wrong place by any chance?

I was looking at output of 'git log src/mainboard/lenovo/t430s' and noticed
that on Nov 29 support for T431s was added. Maybe this has to do something
with it?

Thank you.
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