[coreboot] Please help me adapt coreboot to HiFive-Unleashed

王翔 merle at tya.email
Thu Dec 20 04:56:17 CET 2018

I tried to adapt coreboot to HiFive-Unleashed and boot bbl with coreboot and run linux.
My changes are as follows:

My code can run bbl, but it doesn't respond when bbl exits m-mode and enters linux.

I use freedom-u-sdk to compile bbl. In order not to conflict with the coreboot memory address, execute the following command.
riscv64-elf-objcopy --change-addresses 0x200000 work/riscv-pk/bbl ../coreboot/payload.elf

I don't know what I missed, what should I do, I hope to get your help.





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