[coreboot] Dell R610 Support

Ed Hau tivrusky at cmail.nu
Tue Dec 18 04:43:53 CET 2018

Thanks for all the great info once again! Just wanted to follow up and 
say I put
the order in and it's on the way now. I was unable to find the ASMB4 or 
5 though
so ended up getting an ASMB6 for now that I'll look into adding OpenBMC 
for. The Broadcom NIC firmware sounds very interesting and something 
I'll likely
at least take a stab at after I get my feet wet with this first port.

On 2018-12-12 23:26, Taiidan at gmx.com wrote:

> On 12/12/2018 09:59 PM, Ed Hau wrote:
> > Thanks for all the help so far after digging for the past day I was
> > thinking about picking up the KCMR-D12 as you had recommended and a set of
> > AMD OPTERON 4280 to go with it. This has the AST-2050 for the openBMC port
> > that I am also interested in. Just wanted one more round of sanity checks
> > before putting in the order.
> >
> Yah go for it! it is almost identical to the KCMA-D8 it just has more
> RAM slots and a different PCI-e configuration. Should be an easy first
> port and one can gain experience :D Let us know if you need help!
> Note OpenBMC needs an ASMB4 or ASMB5 firmware module (you use flashrom
> to over-write the crappy exploit ridden OEM firmware) if the board
> doesn't come with one they go for around $30 on fleabay.
> After that if you wish to continue porting stuff I suggest a TYAN board
> such as the dual northbridge/sas S8225, the quad socket/sas S8812 or 
> the
> affordable sas S8010 (just not the crappy SR5650 northbridge versions
> that lack the proper amount of PCI-e slots)
> best c32 cpu - 4386 or if you don't want to have to use microcode
> updates the 4284 (4280 slightly slower/cheaper) I max out new new video
> games in a VM via IOMMU-GFX of an RX580 8GB with my 4386 equivilant 
> 6328
> so you can use this as a libre gaming pc as well - there are a variety
> of great AAA DRM free linux games on gog (email for reccs)
> Something else that might interest you and what is a high priority
> firmware wise is a FOSS Broadcom NIC firmware replacement for the nic
> chipset that is on the blackbird/talos if you have what it takes the
> first person to make one gets a free talos 2 workstation valued at five
> thousand bucks. You can get PCI-e nics with the chipset so you don't
> actually need one of the boards to develop for it. It would be great to
> have a non-intel blob free nic since then one doesn't have to support a
> competitor and further ME development by getting intel nics (thats why
> they chose the broadcom one as it is the most promising due to a litany
> of documentation) and it is the only thing in the way to getting RYF 
> for
> the OpenPOWER stuff afaik.
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