[coreboot] Prevent out-of-order submissions on Gerrit

Julius Werner jwerner at chromium.org
Wed Dec 12 22:08:47 CET 2018

When you have a series of patches uploaded to Gerrit, there is an
implied dependency between them, and most tools respect that (i.e.
when Jenkins build tests them, it tests the current patch together
with all its ancestors). However, I can still submit any patch from
the middle of a patch train and it will cherry-pick just that one,
meaning that the state the tree ends up in will be different than the
one Jenkins tested (which can lead to breakages like I caused
accidentally with https://review.coreboot.org/29299).

Can we please configure Gerrit so that it just doesn't allow you to
submit patches with unsubmitted dependencies? I'm pretty sure the
Chromium Gerrit enforces that, so I assume there is an option
somewhere. It's just unsafe and pretty much never the right thing (if
you wanted to submit patches in a different order than they were
uploaded, you can just reupload them instead).

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