[coreboot] Asus KGPE-D16 with latest coreboot errors with Unsupported Hardware on Qubes 4 install missing IOMMU?

Nico Huber nico.h at gmx.de
Sun Dec 2 23:30:54 CET 2018

Hi Pete,

On 02.12.18 23:13, petecb via coreboot wrote:
> As the default SATA setting already appeared correct, I modified the 3
> additional settings that Taiidan had already indicated worked
> (memory_speed_boost, 1394 controller and SATA ALPM) so in my mind I was
> only adjusting one additional setting, the memory voltage. I thought
> this was fairly sensible as my RAM is definitely 1.35V.

did you have CONFIG_USE_OPTION_TABLE before? If not you potentially have
changed all settings. The defaults in the cmos.default file don't have
to be the same defaults that are hardcoded in the code and the file only
takes effect if CONFIG_USE_OPTION_TABLE is set. As I looked at the SATA
code, I know the AHCI setting is one that definitely differs.

That's a thing that could easily be improved. Check all the options and
their defaults in the source code and agree on one single reasonable

> I would value confirmation that it is safe to run the Crucial
> CT16G3ERSLD4160B RAM I have in this board at 1.5v.

Yes, all DDR3L should be 1.5V compatible. I'm fairly confused that such
a board has a 1.35V option, though.


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