[coreboot] KGPE-D16/KCMA-D8 "PIKE" LSI SAS 2308 addon cards are going for $22 on fleabay

Taiidan at gmx.com Taiidan at gmx.com
Sat Dec 1 19:47:18 CET 2018

Thought y'all should know.

This is what installs in the weird reversed pci-e x4 slot at the bottom
of the motherboard.

* It will obstruct the usage of the PCI slot and the use of a dual slot
card in the bottom most PCI-e slot (the white one not the blue
"graphics" slots)

* KCMA-D8 has a SR5670 instead of the better with more PCI-e lanes
SR5690 on the D16 according to the manual using a PIKE will shut off one
of your PCI-e slots (lame!) although this is still a better deal than
buying a more expensive regular LSI card.

* They have working FLR so they can be assigned to VM's easily.

If anyone knows how to get SR-IOV working on LSI controllers me know -
the 2008/2308 controllers were the first ones that according to the
advertising literature were meant to have the ability to assign drives
to virtual functions and then those virtual functions to VM's meaning
you could have some drives attached to one VM and some to another and so
on - with the ability to have a SAS expander one could have native pass
through physical drives for every VM this way.

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