[coreboot] lenovo x220, tool to extract binary blobs from BIOS update

diffusae diffusae at yahoo.se
Thu Apr 26 11:44:30 CEST 2018

Hi Nico,

On 24.04.2018 19:38, Nico Huber wrote:

> not sure what you are looking for, but I guess this is what you need,
> because

I only was testing the image with the different extracting tools.

>> Error: Unable to detect BIOS Image type.

I guess, if you flash the vendor bios and then reread the content with a
spi flasher, the descriptor should be detected. But what for?

> there are no binaries that you need to extract that UEFITool generally
> can extract (microcode updates are publicly available and gfx init is
> open source).

Once I extracted vgabios.bin with that tool, but I never used it.

Do you think, that integrate the microcode updates into the coreboot
image should be enough? To be safe in case of CVE-2017-5715?



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