[coreboot] Thinkpad X230, Coreboot 4.7 + SeaBIOS 1.11.0 flashing, memtest86+ 5.01, fancontrol and WoL

Duncan dguthrie at posteo.net
Tue Apr 24 22:10:00 CEST 2018

Hello Jan,

Jan Malakhovski:
> Duncan <dguthrie at posteo.net> writes:
>> The wiki page says many things. I've edited the page for clarity about
>> that and removed the odd Buspirate-specific instructions (I am not sure
>> why BusPirate users can't just look at Flashrom wiki etc).
>> In general don't use external power for in-system-programming (ISP) on
>> the X230 (or any other recent Intel laptop) - the boards in question
>> really weren't designed to have flash powered that way.
>>> ...
>> Do NOT power system flash externally as well as with the WoL feature -
>> this can only do bad things to the board.
> This last paragraph is unclear. You want to say that I should only power
> using the WoL feature, not external power, on all the models, right?
In this case, I'm emphasizing not doing both at the same time, because I
thought that could be what you meant there.


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