[coreboot] Coreboot X230 Howto and Questions regarding GRUB and Qubes

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Fri Apr 6 10:28:34 CEST 2018


I finally found the time to complete the first draft of my Coreboot x230
While I need to fill in some small gaps how to put the hardware parts
together, all the other stuff is covered including extracting Blobs and

The how-to is located here:

The coreboot config I have used is here:

I wrote the how-to as I need to look at several places to get everything
together for example how to extract Blobs, how to merge two bios files into
one etc.
Having everything in one place is nice for a newbie if he owns exactly the
same modell/x230.

1) Lots of info is spread in the Coreboot und Qubes Mailinglists, is there
anything in Coreboot which is Qubes specific and which should be mentioned
in the how-to? Someone one mentioned Anti-Evil-Maid-Protection might be an

2) Also I'd like to include some information about SeaBIOS vs. GRUB.
As far as I know the benefit of SeaBIOs is that it is possible to boot
Windows (needing vga.rom etc.) and the benefit of grub is to be able to
encrypt /boot.
What would be the best practise configuration if a user is running Qubes OS
as only Operating system?
Are there any downsizes running an encrypted boot partition?

3) I have attached the config which was generated after running make
I'd like to see someone with more skills giving some hints about which are
not really necessary when running a Qubes as the only Operating system.

How-to was placed on GitHub so that it can be used/edited by everyone, if
useful feel free to grab content for the Coreboot wiki. I just like to use
GitHub as collaborative documentation hub ;-)

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