[coreboot] Server systems shipped with coreboot

Sam Kuper sam.kuper at uclmail.net
Mon Apr 2 09:04:32 CEST 2018

On 23/03/2018, Thierry Laurion <thierry.laurion at gmail.com> wrote:
> If ... ME is disabled with its modules erased, could
> the maker pursue the seller for having made those modifications?

Interesting question. ThinkPenguin seems to be willing to take that
risk, but hedges it by voiding the warranty:

"Backdoors in modern computing devices are unfortunately a certainty
today and while we can't be sure of a fix here it is possible to
partially disable one component believed to be a problem. This option
does have side-effects and will void any return." [1]

(AFAICT, that laptop has the ME "disabled" if the buyer wishes, but it
does not ship with Coreboot or Libreboot.)

[1] https://www.thinkpenguin.com/gnu-linux/penguin-z-gnulinux-laptop

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